Sunday, July 26, 2009

HMC in Busan, Korea

HMC @ Day 1

710am: I was the 2nd participant arrived at Incheon, Korea and the first was Vietnamenese who reached at 5am.... All of us were waiting 5 hours for China and Japanese participants in the airport.

1210pm: we were heading to pick 2 Korea participants at another airport. We took 3 hours bus to the KTX train station, every1 was sleeping in the bus instead of listening what leader, JIN spoke. And, went to Busan which is the 2nd big city in Korea by taking train (max speed 300 km/h).

7-8pm: We finally reached Busan and took bus AGAIN to our Aqua Palace Hotel, it spent us 1 hour again in the bus but without sleeping this time LOL. There was 1 hour to let us put down our big luggage and prepare our equipment to head off to practice room which is nearby our hotel for 2 hours training.

12am: Back to Hotel SLEEP!

First day trip was EAT, SLEEP,and PRACTICE!

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My room in Aqua Palace Hotel

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The view from my room

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Head of marshal's explaining the rules

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Here are the reps from Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia

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Going to KTX train station

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After 3 hours, we finally reach Busan station

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Night view from Singapore rep's room

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Boring to farm League Points..

I've been using 1 week to farm League Points(LP) just to play and practice my own team. Bored... Always get some stupid cards from boxes and blue cards. LP i've gained for 1 season of 180k just to survive my own team 15 matches.

Yesterday just downloaded FlyHigh LP calculator and tested it, it's amazing accurate and 99.9% correct with management advice. After filling up my own team players' stat, here is the management advice " BROKE & Re-arrange/build your team" OMG

Click Here to view FlyHigh's thread with guidelines to set the LP calculator

Click Here to download Flyhigh's LP calculator

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

ESWC Asia Masters - Cheonan, Korea @ Last Day

Steamboat shop we've entered to enjoy delicious beef set. First thing we have to do is take off our shoes then we're allowed to enter. The seat makes me feel uncomfortable, never sitting like this to have my meal :D Anywayz, beef, spicy soup and the special fried rice are nice but too bad just me alone tasted it and can't try it 2nd time. Carlos and [T2.WInDs]Vin It was a frightened and scary day for me because i almost miss out my flight on 11am. Luckily i reached air-port on time eventually, i can't even sleep well inside the bus while on the way :D. Oops, forgotten to share 1 funny thing... Do you guys still remember Park Ji Sung has scored two goals against Middlesbrough and Arsenal? In Korea sport channel, once he scored, his replays will keep on showing with fantasic music :) PARK JI SUNG....PARK!!! Too bad, i didn't record it down haha

Sunday, May 3, 2009

ESWC Asia Masters - Cheonan, Korea @ Day 3

Group 16

There is 10 Koreans and 6 Asia countries from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and China to compete ESWS Asia Masters. 2 Korea Players (last year Hyundai cup 2v2 Champion) are seeded into group A. Tough game given to Xtreme ;)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

ESWC Asia Masters - Cheonan, Korea @ Day 1 and Day 2

Waited 5 hours at Seoul, Incheon International Airport just to wait for players from Russia swt. 2 hours journey from airport to hotel, it's crazy tired but luckily our matches on 4th May.

The room we get :) Big LCD is inside our room!!! Guess what next? Yupz, we can watch EPL match - Middlesbrough vs Man Utd.
Weather here is cool, 15-18 degrees. 3rd May we only will know our group draw, it's d time to spy on Koreans while they're still competing their qualifiers on 3rd May. 10 Koreans will be chosen to play ESWC Asia Masters. Hopefully i can get in an easy group from the draw, after that, the important thing is "qualified" from group then anything can be happened!

[T2.WInDs], China players and xtreme

We're heading to Welcome Reception for our dinner! Two of them are speaking Cantonese ;) Yori is 1 of the best player in China, he is last year WCG 08 China winner.

OMG!! Where is Malaysia flag?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

FIFA ONLINE 2 Player Kit

Download ESWC Asia Masters of Cheonan - FIFA ONLINE 2 Player Kit

[W|nDs] Duo Heading To Cheonan, Korea for ESWC Asia Masters

[W|nDs] is proud to announce that duo, [W|nDs] Vin from Malaysia and [W|nDs] Hang from Singapore will be representing their countries to Cheonan, Korea to compete in the FIFA Online 2 ESWC Asia Masters tournament from 2nd May 2009 till 5th May 2009.

(4 Korean and 12 International Asian champions)
Champion : USD 8,000
1st Runner-up : USD 3,000
2nd Runner-up : USD 1,000